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… The BEST Salad Recipe Ever

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Closet Cooking Blog is my current bible. I love each and every dish he concocts– finally I told myself to try some of his dishes. I picked his Warm Mushroom and Teryaki Salad as an appetizer and then a Shrimp Feta Tomato Bake. I LOVED the salad and really disliked the Shrimp Bake– eh, you win some you lose some.

What You’ll Need:

– Salad mix (I suggest Spinach but Romaine and Mesculin work fine)

– 1 cucumber sliced

– 1 Roma tomato sliced

– 1 Tbl of butter/margarine

– Teryaki sauce (I suggest Soy Vay)

– 10-15 sliced mushrooms- i.e. Crimini, Shittake

– 3 tbl of crumbled fresh goat cheese


I first cut up some tomatoes, cucumbers, and tossed it together with spring mix salad in a large bowl. In a small frying pan I sauteed the mushrooms in a tablespoon of butter. I let the butter, salt, and pepper soak in and then added about half a cup of Soy Vay Teryaki sauce into the pan. I stirred it around occasionally and allowed the sauce to thicken.


Finally, after about 5 minutes, I topped the warm mushrooms with the Teryaki sauce over the salad and then garnished the salad with warm goat cheese. It’s a 5 minute recipe but literally one of the most amazing salads ever. Try it for yourself!