Entourage- My Predictions for the Season

In Uncategorized on July 20, 2009 at 4:25 pm

So, I have a sick obsession with Entourage. I can’t really relate to any of the characters, nor do I know anyone really who I can pin point acts like them either. But something around the show sucks me in every time. Do I wish at times it were longer than 27 minutes? Absolutely, but I do thing that it’s part of the appeal. If it were longer & perhaps more dragged out, people wouldn’t be as wildly anticipating the next episode to come.

I like what I’ve seen so far on the new season and with that in mind, I’ve come up with my few predictions for I expect to happen.

1) Ari & Mrs. Ari-  This is my concern — I really don’t think Mrs. Ari will stand for much more of Ari’s behavior. As humorous as their relationship is, I don’t think she enjoys being cast as second fiddle to him anymore. While she turned away from yet another career of her own, I just think there’s a large possibility something drastic will change in regards to the dymanic of their relationship this season.03

2) Sloane and E- I can’t decide what I think will happen between these two. I WANT for them to get back together, but only when E realizes just how much of a catch she really is. He sucked as a boyfriend the 1st time around, but now that she sees her independence and “cool factor” I’m hoping he’ll do what it takes to get her back. Oh and end relationships with the little gold diggers. eric01

3) Jamie Lynn and Turtle- L.O.V.E this relationship most. It may be the fact that the “literal/metaphorical turtle” is winning the race? Or maybe the AWESOMENESS that it is their actual off-screen relationship. While I don’t think JLS is the best actress, they are so adorable together and for once Turtle is stealing the spotlight and getting the attention he deserves.


4) Lloyd and Ari– He is at his wits end with Ari, and while he’s doing what it takes to get the big promotion of his dreams I think something is going to change with that situation as well. Perhaps, his rival firm is going to offer him more money per year or maybe he will marry a rich and wealthy man and won’t need to work? The possibilites of where this could go are endless– all I do know is that Lloyd won’t be putting up with this for much longer. If you haven’t seen his blog yet, I suggest you do so immediately. It’s hillarious: http://www.hbo.com/entourage/lloyd/


Here are a few smaller, less important things I see happening as well:

A) Vince won’t be settling down any time soon, nor will his real life acting abilities improve… but who really watches the show for him anyway?

B) Drama won’t be finding a steady job or romance in the near future. I think his ability to protect his little brother and bang random girls are his fortes. He should, however, ditch the muscle tees and pedophile mustache– they just aren’t doing it for me.

  1. I can’t wait to see how #4 pans out!

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